River Flood Surveys & Structural scour surveys

Over the years floods have become a major part of life, in order to minimise the effects organisations are making efforts to reduce the risk to life, property, the environment and infrastructure by building flood relief schemes. In order to accurately predict the effects of floods sophisticated hydrodynamic flood models need to be generated in order to determine the situation and design an effective flood relief schemes. One of the basic building blocks of the hydrodynamic modelling is surveying river cross sections, more recently proprietaries of structures spanning rivers are undertaking structural scour surveys to determine the likelihood/suspability to scour. 

Low flow river velocity survey.JPG


HHS has the ability and proven track record to carry out a wide range of services that are required in order to fully understand river hydrodynamic for flood related surveys and structural scour monitoring. It is no longer the case that one survey application is suffice to survey river topography and structural integrity, we utilise a wide range of equipment that is easily and rapidly deployed and interfaced to each other to streamline data capture, processing workflows and maintain the highest level of accuracy to capture data/information that third parties can use to make informed decisions and make meaningful comparisons/analytics with future survey data.


The range of services that are on offer all have a proven record to deliver while not all have been used in this particular application we have tailored our approach based upon the clients needs, the structure/river topography and our experience to determine what information can be gained so that informed decisions can be made. The range of services includes 

  • Single beam echo sounder surveys
  • Multibeam echo sounder
  • High resolution sonar scanning
  • Side scan sonar
  • Sub bottom profiling
  • Detailed site surveys
  • Equipment instillation- visual water level boards and electronic water level gauges
Railway Viaduct scour.jpg
  • River cross section surveys for flood relief schemes
  • Structure laser scanning
  • Rapid response flood surveys
  • Threshold surveys
  • Reservoir surveys
  • Flood defence surveys
  • Flood construction setting out