The company approach is very much based around client satisfaction in terms of value, quality, timely delivery and added value so that the client can make informed decisions from the data set. We pride ourselves in forging good working relationships with clients where open lines of communication play a fundamental role in the process from the time of tendering right through to delivery.

We offer a consultancy style approach to our survey solutions, we communicate with the client to try to find out what is the end goal and then tailor our approach in order to offer the highest return for the client and in many cases offering alternative approach. Key to a successful delivery is a good understanding of hydrodynamic modelling and an appreciation of how survey data impacts the construction of the model, this is particularly evident in adverse conditions when data can not be captured as per the original specifications or when items not identified at the time of tendering are encountered on site as the surveyor must determine the impact of the unidentified feature. An example of this would be a newly constructed culvert or a natural weir structure. Key to the efficiencies is the use of the latest most modern survey equipment which is easily interfaced into third party devices and allows for more analytical workflows and streamlined processing routines.